How We Work

Once you apply and successfully terminate the recruitment process, you will be assigned a project based on where the Board believes your profile and skill set fits in best. These projects are usually made up of around 5 to 6 student consultants and are supervised by one professional consultant of a top consulting firm. The supervisor will hand down his expert knowledge to the team of consultants and guide them throughout the project, for them to experience what it takes to deliver a real project in the consulting industry.

How do we foster the connections with consulting professionals?

As a Team we heavily rely on our Cuora Alumni network. After Cuora consultants graduate from Bocconi University and begin working as professionals in the consulting industry the community that they leave behind at university is one that remains for life. This is how every year we are able to attract supervisors from top consulting companies worldwide, that at some point in their lives were student consultants at Cuora, in order to oversee the projects we are handed.

These are some of the companies in which our supervisors work year round:

How do we keep attracting new clients?

Our client acquisition team works tirelessly to keep in contact with past clients that may need our consultants to follow up on an old project by expanding their research and analysis as a result of a change in industry trends or simply due to a shift of the company’s focus. Most of the time however, we work together with local incubators and reach out to enterprises personally via social media or direct marketing in order to propose our services to businesses that fit in well with our company culture.

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