Our Services

Our Services

Cuora Consulting works for NGOs, social start-ups and socially oriented enterprises. Fostering strong relationships with our clients is our priority. During the working process we guide the clients in defining the problem they are facing and singularly negotiate the scope and objectives of the project in order to design lasting results and make a more significant impact together. Its main areas of operations are Market Analysis, Performance Analysis, Social Media Strategy, Stakeholder Analysis, Funding Research, Development Strategy.

Market Analysis

We conduct detailed analysis and provide you with structured insights and identify success factors.

Social Media Strategy

We create a consistent strategy for your social media presence and communication.

Funding Research

We develop structured research reports with many funding opportunities, may it be Venture Capital or governmental.

Performance Analysis

We perform in-depth analysis of your data and develop with you a comprehensive set of key performance indicators.

Stakeholder Analysis

We map all relevant stakeholders for you and develop a strategy how to best prioritize and approach each of them.

Development Strategy

We help you develop a realistic, clear, and measurable plan to make your ambitions reality.

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