Cuora Consulting: Pro-bono student consultancy

We are a student-run management consulting association that provides pro-bono consulting services to non-profit organizations, NGOs, social enterprises and businesses that endorse specific values aligned with those of our association.

We have two hubs: One in Milan with students from Bocconi University and one in Luxemburg supported with the Luxemburg School of Business.


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Cuora Consulting is proud to be one of the most diverse clubs on campus. The international experiences and mindsets of our consultants allow us to bring various perspectives and approaches to the table in complex problem-solving situations. Our global awareness and resilience give us the competitive edge needed in the consulting industry. At Cuora Consulting, diversity matters.

Want to join us?

Whether your background is business or not – if you are ready for a challenge, we want to have you on our team! The main factor is that you are eager to help change the future of NGOs and social enterprises, all while being surrounded by like-minded students with a clear goal of leaving a positive footprint on society through direct impact consulting. What we look for in our applicants is a natural analytical and creative mindset and a strong commitment to creating positive change. That is all that matters; together, we will learn the rest!

Are you a business?

If you are an NGO or a social enterprise interested in Cuora’s consulting services, please reach out to us via our email at as.cuoraconsulting@gmail.com, providing a short description of your organization and the project you have in mind.
We look forward to working together!

Want to learn more? Contact us.

We are here to assist. Reach out to us either by email or via our social media channels.

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